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Video Number Video Date City, State Classes Organization Price Buy Now
20179512017-12-312017 Pro Stock Video #1Gifford, IL (2)10PS, Cloverdale, IN (2)10PSn/a$25
20179012017-12-312017 Limited Pro Stock Video #1Gifford, IL (2)85LPS, 9LPS, (2)95LPS, 87Lt.PSn/a$25
20170842017-08-12Idaville, IndianaBBHR, 58 Mod, 9AF, 62PSFWD, 6SS, 95HF, PS Diesel FWD, 9LPSIPL$25
20170832017-09-23Monroe, Wisconsin93SF, 8UNSS, 11PF, 62TWD, 85Lt.PS, 65LLSS, 95LPS, HR Semis, 95HF, 10PSBadger State$35
20170822017-09-16Marion, Indiana9AF, BBHR, 62PSFWD, 95HF, 58 Mod, 9LPSIPL$25
20170812017-09-09Mabel, Minnesota(2)95HF, (2)93SF, (2)6Mod, 58-62TWD, 58-62SSFWD, SS/PSTri State$25
20170802017-09-15Cape Girardeau, Missouri64LPS, 62PSFWD, 6SS, 63FWD, 85LPSITPA-X Calibur$25
20170802017-09-16Cape Girardeau, MissouriPS Diesel FWD, 58 Mod, 85-95LPS, 6SSITPA
20170792017-09-08Roanoke, Indiana85 Lt.PS, 75 Mod, PS Diesel FWd, 62TWD, 95LPSNTPA Region 2$25
20170782017-09-09Sandwich, Illinoistwo sessions: 10PS, 8DSS, 93SF, 75 Mod.NTPA Grand National$30
20170772017-09-02Mineral Point, WisconsinLPS Diesel FWD, 11PF, 93SF, 85 Lt.PS, 95HF, 95LPSBadger State$25
20170772017-09-16Viroqua, Wisconsin93SF, 95HF, LPS Diesel FWD, 95LPSBadger State
20170762017-09-08Unionville, MissouriPro Street Diesel FWD, 85-95LPS, 82DSS, 65UNSSPPL Western Series$25
20170752017-09-02Sturgeon, Missouri85-95LPS, 63PMFWD, 62TWDPPL Western Series$25
20170742017-08-31Elkhorn, Wisconsin62SSFWD, 65LLSS, 95HF, PS Diesel FWD, 93SFBadger State$25
20170742017-09-01Plymouth, Wisconsin95HF, 10PS, PS Diesel FWD, 93SFBadger State
20170732017-08-28DuQuoin, Illinois95PF, 58 Mod, PS Diesel FWD, 95LPSITPA$25
20170732017-08-29DuQuoin, Illinois11PF, 85LPS, 62TWD, 10PSITPA
20170722017-08-26Terre Haute, IndianaLPS Diesel FWD, 95HF, PS Diesel FWD, 95LPS, 10PS, SS Diesel FWD, HR SemisPPL$30
20170712017-08-25Terre Haute, Indiana93SF, LPS Diesel FWD, 10PS, PS Diesel FWD, HR Semis SS Diesel FWDPPL$30
20170702017-08-19Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin11PF, 65LLSS, 10PS, 62TWD, 95LPSBadger State$25
20170702017-08-26Baraboo, Wisconsin19MR, 95HF, PS Diesel FWD, 10PS, 62TWD, 65LLSSBadger State
20170692017-08-18Pinckneyville, Illinois6SS, 58 Mod, 82SS, 10PS, 9HFITPA$25
20170692017-08-19Pinckneyville, Illinois95PF, 85-95LPS, 10PS, 8HFITPA-IHFSPA
20170682017-08-16Illinois State Fair85LPS, 19LMR, PS Diesel FWD, 63FWD, 55 AntiqueITPA$25
20170672017-08-15Illinois State Fair11PF, 58 Mod, 62TWD, 82SS, 10PS, 55 ClassicITPA$25
20170662017-08-14Illinois State Fair95PF, 2.6 Diesel FWD, 6SS, 8 Mod, 95LPS, 1,050SSITPA$25
20170652017-08-12Missouri State Fair85-95LPS, 82DSS, LPS Diesel FWD, 62PSFWD, 63PMFWDPPL Western Series$25
20170642017-08-12Hillsboro, Wisconsin8UNSS, 93SF, 10PS, 78 Mod, Hot Rod SemisPPL Champions Tour$25
20170632017-08-12Hillsboro, Wisconsin2,050 Mini Rods, 95LPS, 62TWD, 62SS, SS Diesel F.W.D.PPL Champions Tour$25
20170622017-08-11Hillsboro, Wisconsin62SS, 78 Mod, 93SF, 10PS, Hot Rod SemisPPL Champions Tour$25
20170612017-08-11Hillsboro, Wisconsin95LPS, 62TWD, SS Diesel FWD, 2,050 Mini Rods, 8UNSSPPl Champions Tour-PPL Silver Serie$25
20170602017-08-10Worthington, Minnesota63PMFWD, 82DSS, 85-95LPS, LPS Diesel FWDPPL Western Series$25
20170602017-09-01Bethany, MissouriPro Street Diesel FWD, 85-95LPS, 9PFPPL Western Series
20170592017-08-07Altamont, Illinois58 Mod, 95LPS, PS Diesel FWD, 62TWD, 10PS, 12MPHITPA-IHFSPA$25
20170592017-08-26Rantoul, Illinois85LPS, 58 Mod, 6SS, 95PF, 10PSITPA
20170582017-08-05Black River Falls, Wisconsin10PS, 11PF, 62TWD, 95LPSBadger State$25
20170582017-08-06Utica, Wisconsin93SF, 95HF, LPS Diesel FWD, 85 Lt.PS, 65LLSS, PS Diesel FWDBadger State
20170572017-08-05Altamont, Illinois78 Mod, 10PS, 62TWDPPl Tour of Champions$25
20170562017-08-04Mt. Sterling, Illinois95LPS, SS Diesel FWD, 10PS, 8UN, 95PFNTPA GN, ITPA, UPA$25
20170552017-08-04Washington, MissouriLPS Diesel FWD, 9PF, 65UNSS, 82DSS, 85-95LPS, 10PS, 64LPS, 62FWDPPL Western Series-X-Caliber$25
20170542017-08-01Charleston, Illinois19MR, 62TWD, 11PFITPA$25
20170542017-08-03Charleston, Illinois58 Mod, 95PF, 63FWD, 85LPSITPA
20170542017-08-02Bloomington, Illinois58 Mod, 85-95LPS, 62TWD, PS Diesel FWD, 10PS, 6SSITPA
20170532017-07-31Salem, Illinois85LPS, 58 Mod, 10PS, 1,050SSITPA$25
20170522017-07-29Waterloo, Illinois11PF, 6SS, 95LPS, 62TWD, 82SS, 10PS, * Mod.ITPA$25
20170522017-07-31Salem, Illinois85LPS, 58 Mod., 10PS, 1,050SSITPA
20170512017-07-28Mazomznie, Wisconsin95PF, 93SF, 95LPS, LPS Diesel FWD, 10PS, 95HF, 93SF Shoot Out, 95LPS Shoot OutBadger State$25
20170512017-08-04Warren, Illinois11PF, 95LPS, PS Diesel FWD, 10PS, 62TWD, 11PF Shoot Out, 95LPS Shoot OutBadger State
20170502017-07-28Evansville, Indiana93SF, 95HF, 95LPS, 8UNSS, 62TWD, 10PS, 78 Mod.PPL Champions Tour-PPL Midwest$25
20170492017-07-28Wayne, NebraskaLPS Diesel FWD, 87FS, 6 Mod, 6SS, 65UNSS, 82DSS, 93SF, 85-95LPSPPL Western Series-Nebraska Bush$25
20170482017-07-27Council Bluffs, Iowa65UNSS, 95LPS, LPS Diesel FWD, 82DSS, 85LPS, 63PMFWD, 9FSPPL Western Series$25
20170482017-07-29Atlantic, IowaPro Street Diesel FWD, 85LPS, 63PMFWD, 9PFPPL Western Series
20170472017-07-22Nashville, Illinois95PF-85-95LPS, 62TWD, 10PSITPA$25
20170472017-07-25Highland, Illinois95-11PF, 6SS, 95LPS, 58 Mod, 10PS, 62TWDITPA
20170462017-07-21Montgomery City, Missouri85-95LPS, 93SF, PS Diesel FWD, Pro Street Diesel FWD, 63PMFWD, LPS Diesel FWDPPL Tour of Champions-PPL Western S$25
20170452017-07-18Peoria, Illinois82SS, 63FWD, 85LPS, 58 Mod.ITPA$25
20170452017-07-19Peoria, Illinois95LPS, 62TWD, 10PS, PS Diesel FWDITPA
20170452017-07-20Carlyle, Illinois85LPS, 11PF, 12FS, 9HFITPA-IHFSPA
20170442017-07-15Henry, Illinois6SS, 2,050 Mini Rods, 10PS, SS Diesel FWD, 95LPS, 8UNSS, 62TWD, 78 Mod.PPL Champions Tour-PPL Silver Serie$35
20170432017-07-15Darlington, WisconsinPS Diesel FWD, 85 Lt.PS, 65LLSS, 11pF, 95HF, 95LPS, 93SF, 10PS, 95 HF Shoot OutBadger State$25
20170422017-07-14Baraboo, Wisconsin65LLSS, 10PS, 11PF, 95LPS, 62TWD, PS Diesel FWD, Super SemisBadger State$25
20170412017-07-14Jerseyville, Illinois62SS, 63PMFWD, 95LPSPPL Champions Tour-Silver Series$25
20170402017-07-12Fisher, Illinois63FWD, 58 Mod, 6SS, 55 Classic, 12FS, 11PFITPA-IPA$25
20170402017-07-13Arthur, Illinois11PF, 95LPS, 62TWD, 10PSITPA
20170392017-07-09Princeton, Indiana95HF, 62PSFWD, 93SFPPL Midwest$25
20170392017-07-14Urbana, Illinois10PS, 62TWD, 85LPSPPL Midwest-ITPA
20170382017-07-08Dickeyville, Wisconsin65LLSS, 95HF, PS Diesel FWD, 85 Lt.PS, 93SF, 95LPS, 10PS, 62TWD, Super SemisBadger State$25
20170372017-07-08Fairfield, Illinois62TWD, PS Diesel FWD, 78 Mod, 10PSPPL Champions Tour$25
20170362017-07-07Rockwell, Iowa95LPS, 93SF, 8DSS, 62FWD, 75 Mod, 62TWD, Super SemisNTPA Grand National$25
20170352017-07-07Freeport, Illinois1,850 Econo Mini, 1,950 Open Mini, PS Diesel FWD, 93SF, 95LPS, 8UNSS, 10PSPPL Champions Tour-Badger State$25
20170342017-07-06Freeport, Illinois65LLSS, 95HF, 11PF, PS Diesel FWD, 8UNSS, 78 Mod.PPL Champions Tour-Badger State$25
20170332017-07-06Independence, Iowa9PF, LPS Diesel FWD, 65UNSS, 62TWD, 95LPSPPL Western Series$25
20170322017-07-03Eitzen, Minnesota(2)95HF, (2)93SF, (2)6Mod, 58-62TWD, 58-62SSFWDTri-State$25
20170312017-06-26Rushville, Indiana85 Lt.PS, 62TWD, 8SS, 10PSNTPA Region 2$25
20170312017-07-10Greentown, IndianaSS Diesel FWD, 62TWDNTPA Region 2
20170312017-07-11LaPorte, Indiana93SF, 6SS, SS Diesel FWD, 85 Lt.PS, 62TWDNTPA Region 2
20170302017-07-01Wyoming, Illinois62SSFWD, PS Diesel FWD, 12 2Hot 2 Farm, 6SS, 10PF, 12FS, 85-95LPS, 6-82SS, 62TWD, 10PSITPA-Illini State$25
20170292017-06-22Diller, Nebraska92SF, 65UNSS, 95LPS, 6SS, LPS Diesel FWD, 6 Mod.PPL Western Series-Nebraska Bush$25
20170292017-07-02Moberly, Missouri65UNSS, 95LPS, 62TWD, 85LPS, 63PMFWDPPL Western Series$25
20170282017-07-01Mlan, Missouri65UNSS, LPS Diesel FWD, 62TWD, 63PMFWD, 85-95LPSPPL Western Series$25
20170272017-06-30Platteville, Wisconsin(2)95HF, 58-62SSFWD, 58-62TWD, (2)93SF, (2)6 Mod., SS/PS/LPS/ModTri State$25
20170262017-06-30Rushville, Illinois85-95LPS, 58 Mod, 62TWD, 10PSITPA$25
20170252017-06-24Mound City, Missouri85LPS, 65UNSS, 2,050 Mini Rods, 10PS, 95LPS, LPS Diesel FWDPPL Champions Tour-PPL Western Seri$25
20170242017-06-23Mound City, Missouri85-95LPS, Minis, LPS Diesel FWD, Pro Street Diesel FWD, 10PSPPL Champions Tour-PPL Western Seri$25
20170232017-06-17Mackville, Wisconsin6SS, 63PMFWD, PS Diesel FWD, 19MR, 62TWD, 95LPSPPL-Badger State$25
20170222017-06-16Mackville, WisconsinPS Diesel FWD, 19MR, 62TWD, 93SF, 6SS, 63PMFWDPPL-Badger State$25
20170212017-06-16Tampico, Indiana11PF, 95HF, 95LPS, 10PSPPL$25
20170212017-06-17Tampico, Indiana11PF, 62TWD, 10PSPPL
20170202017-06-17Nashville, Illinois9HF, 58 Mod, 85LPS, 19MR, 95PF, 95LPSITPA$20
20170192017-06-10Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin93SF, LPS Diesel FWD, 85 Lt.PS, 10PS, 95HF, 62TWD, 95LPS, 11PF, PS Diesel FWD, 65LLSSBadger State Pullers$25
20170182017-06-10Mexico, Missouri64-85-95LPS, 82DSS, 65UNSS, 9PF, 3.0 Diesel FWD, 62TWD, 62PSFWDPPL Western Series-X-Caliber Pullin$25
20170172017-06-09St.Peters, Missouri85-95LPS, 6SS, 58 Mod, 64LLSS, 6-75 Mod, 62PSFWDITPA/MSTPA$25
20170172017-06-16Cerro Gordo, Illinois85LPS, Pro street Diesel FWD, 58 Mod., 62TWDITPA
20170162017-06-03Boswell, Indiana95HF, 9LPS, 6SS, 62PSFWD, 3.0 Diesel FWDIPL/ITPA$25
20170152017-06-03Ettrick, Wisconsin95LPS, 85 Lt.PS, 93SF, 3.0 Diesel FWDBadger State Pullers$25
20170142017-06-02Eleva, Wisconsin(2)95HF, (2)93SF, SS/PS, 58-62SSFWD, (2)6 Mod, (2)62TWDTri-State$20
20170132017-03-252017 Cornhusker Classic: Lincoln, Nebraska: March 24-25, 2017All Three SessionsHusker Promotions$60
20170122017-03-252017 Cornhusker Classic: Lincoln, Nebraska: March 25, 2017 evening session65UNSS, 85-95LPS, 3.0 Diesel FWDHusker Promotions$25
20170112017-03-252017 Cornhusker Classic: Lincoln, Nebraska: March 25, 2017 afternoon session87HF, 62PSFWD, 85LPSHusker Promotions$25
20170102017-03-242017 Cornhusker Classic: Lincoln, Nebraska: March 24, 20176SS, 85LPS, 6 Mod, 92SFHusker Promotions$25
20170092017-03-042017 Dekalb Super Pull: Eaton, Ohio: March 3-4, 2017Both daysCOTPA$40
20170082017-03-042017 Dekalb Super Pull: Eaton, Ohio: March 4, 2017Classic Hot Rods, 62TWD, NTPA Mini Rods, 85 Lt. PS, Altered Farm, 95HF, 2.5 Diesel FWDCOTPA$25
20170072017-03-032017 Dekalb Super Pull: Eaton, Ohio: March 3, 2017Natural SS, Buckeye Outlaw FWD, Mini Rods, 62 Mod. FWD, 62LLSS, 85 Lt. PS (COTPA), 2.5 Diesel FWDCOTPA$25
20170062017-01-072017 Midwest Winter Nationals: Gifford, Illinois: January 5-6-7, 2017All Five SessionsWhatssmokin Promotions$100
20170052017-01-072017 Midwest Winter Nationals: Gifford, Illinois: Saturday evening January 7, 201785LPS, 93SF, 9LPS, 10PS, 82DSS, 95LPS, 62/67LLSS, 87 Lt.PS, 9SFWhatssmokin Promotions$25
20170042017-01-072017 Midwest Winter Nationals: Gifford, Illinois: Saturday afternoon January 7, 201712FS, 87Lt.PS, 62/67LLSS, 3.0 Diesel FWD, 79CSS, Lt.HF/Lt.PF/Nat.SS/Classic Mods., 65DSSWhatssmokin Promotions$25
20170032017-01-062017 Midwest Winter Nationals: Gifford, Illinois: Friday evening January 6, 201793SF, 10PS, (2)95LPS, 95HF Finals, 11PF FinalsWhatssmokin Promotions$25
20170022017-01-062017 Midwest Winter Nationals: Gifford, Illinois: Friday afternoon January 6, 201711PF, 9LPS, (2)9SF, 95PF Finals, 10PF FinalsWhatssmokin Promotions$25
20170012017-01-052017 Midwest Winter Nationals: Gifford, Illinois: Thursday evening January 5, 201795PF, (2)85LPS, 95HF, 10PFWhatssmokin Promotions$25
20150152017-06-09Deerfield, Wisconsin19 Mini Rod, 93SF, 95HFBadger State/Tri-County$25

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